Tecate partners with Pearlfisher to create a new subbrand of premium

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Tecate Group today announced the addition of a high-capacitance 800F, 2.7V TPLH™ ultracapacitor to its already extensive TPLH™ and TPLS™ medium-cell offerings.. This new TPLH™ cell provides ultra-high charge and discharge rates, excellent stability, long cycle life, and very high power density, which makes it ideal for use in.

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Tecate Alta set to Challenge Michelob Ultra. Although Molson Coors came at the new king of beers, Anheuser-Busch's Michelob Ultra, and missed — with the now hibernating Saint Archer Gold.

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As Tecate's first foray into ultra light beer, Tecate ALTA is a fully defined brand innovation in a rapidly growing category. The name of the brand ignites Tecate's Mexican-American spirit from the outset. ALTA translates to mean "tall" or "upper", but also brings to mind descriptive words like, "altitude" and "alternative.

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Tecate's TPLH series of ultracapacitors range in value from 1.5 F to 120 F and are UL recognized and RoHS and REACH compliant. The TPLH cells provide an ultra-high charge and discharge rate, excellent stability, long cycle life, and very high power density. The technology improvements are a direct result of proprietary innovation in electrode processing and packaging while providing standard.

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Stay up to date on new products, merch giveaways, events, and so much more! A beer born and brewed in Tecate, Baja California Mexico, Tecate® is proud of being "de aquí y de allá." Mexico is in Us.

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7. Dos Equis. The Most Interesting Man in the World must have liked his lager on the sweeter side, for Dos Equis serves a saccharine kiss on nose, palate, and finish. This isn't too noticeable.

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San Diego, CA, April 6, 2021…Tecate Group is excited to announce the addition of its 3V TPLH™ series of small-cell ultracapacitors to its already extensive TPL and TPLH™ 2.7V small-cell ultracapacitor offerings. The 3V TPLH™ series offers significantly higher energy density than current 2.7V products, exceptional life performance, and.

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Tecate Light was the fastest-growing light beer in the U.S. in 2016; and stateside sales of the low-cal lager grew almost 23 percent in 2017. Hipsters love it, and so do we.

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Sep. 17, 2021 at 11:58 AM. White Plains, NY - HEINEKEN USA and its TECATE® brand announced expanded distribution and sales plans for its new premium beer, Tecate® ALTATM along with the release.

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Tecate Alta is a Light Lager style beer brewed by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, S.A. de C.V. in Monterrey (Nuevo León), Mexico. Score: n/a with 9 ratings and reviews. Last update: 09-22-2023.. If this is going for that Ultra market they nailed it. Seems like a beer for those that don't really want a beer. Like I say it is refreshing.

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Tecate Alta is a Cerveza Suprema with only 85 calories and 2.4g Carbs. Developed and brewed with the same quality and pride as Tecate. ALTA in Spanish means 'Tall', 'Upper' - evoking the most elevated and high quality liquid, inspired by the sacred Mountain of Cuchumá located in Tecate, Baja California.

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One type of application for ultracapacitors is for use as a backup energy source. In this type of application the cells are exposed to a set voltage for a long period of time and only discharge when needed. Below is a typical life graph for the Tecate Group cells: Figure 9: Capacitance Degradation at 2.7V, 65°C.

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The amount of damage varies based on the voltage and the amount of time the cell is exposed to the over-voltage condition. Thus, occasional spikes above rated voltage will not immediately affect an ultracapacitor, but prolonged high-voltage uses will. The voltage rating of Tecate's ultracapacitor cells is 2.7V or 3.0V.

Tecate partners with Pearlfisher to create a new subbrand of premium

Tecate Group's ultracapacitor modules contain an array of cells covering a wide range of capacitance values and voltages. Custom configurations are available on request. Choose one of the product types below to shop Tecate's ultracapacitor module catalog. 5.0/5.4V.

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Tecate Group's ultracapacitor offering is composed of industry-recognized cells and modules across a wide range of capacitance values and voltages. All components shown below are manufactured to withstand elevated humidity and temperature applications. Custom configurations in both cells and modules are available on request.