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What is the Super Bowl without a good Super Bowl drinking game? Good food, good company, and some good, safe fun are on tap for many viewers as they get ready for Super Bowl 58. Just because the.

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Super Bowl Make yet another Chiefs-Niners Super Bowl tolerable with this drinking game. Cheers to a great game, cheers to an entertaining halftime show from Usher and cheers to some new teams in.

Battleshots drinking game Drinking games, Party, Games

Super Bowl 57 Drinking Game. Odds Shark Staff Published on: Feb 12, 2023 2:43 PM ET. Super Bowl 57 between the Chiefs and Eagles will be a blast. We've got Patty Mahomes, a budding Hall of Famer, and Jalen Hurts, the NFL 's biggest breakout star, squaring off on the biggest stage in North American sports.


The rules for our Super Bowl drinking game are as simple as taking a sip, finishing your drink, or putting back a shot, based on scenarios happening during the Super Bowl. Our 20 rules are below.

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First things first: Pick a team. Whenever your team scores, drink for however many seconds were just scored. That means six seconds for a touchdown, one for a PAT, three for a field goal, etc. Don.

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Safe Super Bowl drinking games to play in 2022. Maverick and Goose. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. Chandler and Joey. The Super Bowl and drinking. Some pairings are just perfect. As we know, especially over these last two years, life is hard enough and drives us to drink. You don't need to give me an excuse to take advantage of this glorious.

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1. Patriots are referred to as a "dynasty." (If they say "double dynasty," drink twice) 2. Sideline shot of Bill Belichick scowling, generally. 3. Someone at your party says " Dilly Dilly! 4.

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The Super Bowl LVII matchup is finally set. The Kansas City Chiefs are taking on the Philadelphia Eagles for the right to raise the Lombardi Trophy in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, February 12.

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Commercial bingo. Print out blank bingo cards and write in Super Bowl ad-themed squares. These could be the names of big companies you expect to see ads for, or features of ads themselves, e.g.

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2. Bingo. Gustavofrazao/Getty Images. Bingo is always a good idea, but Super Bowl Bingo is a great idea for a drinking game that is easy to follow and won't necessarily involve too much alcohol consumption too rapidly (via Buzzfeed ).

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Finally, a drinking game for every Super Bowl party attendee who claims "I just watch for the commercials," or "The ads are my favorite part! Print out or quickly sketch some blank bingo.

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Jenga + Drink = Jrinka! Bust out this favorite game during the Super Bowl party for a fun drinking game that's easy peasy. Put a label on each Jenga piece with an instruction like: take a shot, one sip, drink with your eyes closed etc. When players pull out a Jenga piece, they've gotta follow the directions on their piece.

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Super Bowl drinking game rules. Have a sip when… The coin toss happens to start the game. There's an interception made by either team. The camera cuts to Taylor Swift watching the game.

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Touchdown Cup. Best Super Bowl drinking games to play for Chiefs vs 49ers feat. Touchdown Cup. Two heavyweights of football will square off in Super Bowl LVIII, when the San Francisco 49ers take.

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GAMEPLAY. At the beginning of the evening, print out your Super Bowl drinking game rules and announce them to the group so everyone knows what to do when each event happens. Put the rules somewhere everyone can see. Any time something on the drinking game rule list occurs, all players must sip, finish their drink, or take a shot, according to.

The Ultimate Super Bowl Drinking Game Super Bowl Party

Commercial Drink. One of the best parts about the Super Bowl is the cool commercials. Since you can always count on the fact that there will be a liquor or car commercial, you can totally make a game out of it. The rules are pretty simple. All you have to do is take a swig once a car, truck, or liquor commercial airs.