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Considered a modern classic, it's a mashup of the Moscow mule and minty Mojito. The bubbly ginger beer and lime of a mule is balanced by the mint and sweetness of a mojito. If you like, make a straight up "Gin Mule" and omit the mint and simple syrup (head to the recipe for more.) Ingredients: Gin, lime, ginger beer, mint, simple syrup.

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And aside from the lime and mint, the other Moscow Mule ingredients are shelf-stable. The ginger beer is the most prominent flavor (unless. a Dark and Stormy, Lavender Lemon Haus Moscow Mule and so much more! Directions. Add ice to your copper Moscow Mule mug. Add the vodka. Add fresh lime juice. (You could even use lemon if you had to.

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Vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer mingle in a glistening copper mug for a refreshing warm weather cocktail. The Moscow Mule is a bubbly, bold, and bracing mid-century, 3-ingredient masterpiece. Just vodka, lime juice, and a ginger beer pour-over and you have a simple drink for any season.

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Apple cider mule - Add some apple slices and a cinnamon stick in the fall. Or use apple vodka instead of regular vodka. Of course top with apple cider instead of ginger beer. Mexican Mule - Use tequila instead of vodka with spicy ginger ale. Gin Mule - Use gin with ginger ale. Cuban or Jamaican Mule - Is made with dark rum.

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Otherwise, all you need is THREE ingredients over ice! Combine, stir and enjoy! Fill a Moscow mule copper mug with crushed ice, all the way to the top. Add vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. Stir the mug's contents to lightly mix the beverage. Garnish with a sprig of mint or fresh lime wedge.

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Much like you would make simple syrup, dissolve sugar in water in a saucepan over medium heat. Add slices of ginger to the pan and let simmer until the ginger is almost see-through and tender. The next step is to place the ginger on a cooling rack, allowing the excess syrup to drain.

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Add some vodka to it and mix with lime juice and cherry juice. Serve it in 2 lowball glasses or copper mugs. Stir to combine. Add ice and serve with lime wedges. 21. Blood Orange and Pomegranate Syrup Moscow Mule. This version of the Moscow mule recipe contains blood orange and pomegranate juice.

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Instructions. Fill copper mug or small tumbler with ice. Pour ginger beer, 7UP, vodka, lemon and lime juice into mug, stir. Garnish with lemon and lime wedges, serve.

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To preserve the bubbles, simply build the drink right in the mug, served over ice. This makes it one of the easiest cocktail recipes you can find, and quick and easy to mix up for parties. Here's how to make a Moscow mule: Pour 2 ounces vodka and ½ ounce lime juice into a copper mug. Add 4 ounces ginger beer. Garnish.

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Preparation. Step 1. In a cocktail shaker three-quarters filled with ice, combine vodka and lime juice and shake until chilled, about 15 seconds. Strain into a mug, preferably copper, filled with crushed ice. Top with ginger beer.

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Instructions. Fill a copper mug or similarly sized glass with ice. Pour in the vodka and lime juice. Fill the glass with ginger beer and gently swirl it with a spoon once to mix. Garnish with a lime wedge, and enjoy!

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This Haus Mule can mostly be made in a shaker. A shaker gets things nice and cold and mixed really well. Add your ingredients, minus the ginger beer to a shaker, then add ice. Shake well, strain over fresh ice and top with ginger beer. Do NOT shake ginger beer.

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Crack the ice from 1 standard tray ice cubes into a clean kitchen towel. Wrap the ice up in the towel, then beat with a mallet or rolling pin into smaller, uneven pieces. Fill mugs or glasses with the ice. Transfer the ice into 2 Moscow mule mugs or highball glasses. Add the lime juice.

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It's super easy to learn how to make a Moscow Mule cocktail. Simply…. Fill a glass or copper mug with ice. Crushed ice is traditional, but any kind will do. Add vodka and lime juice. And feel free to toss the remaining squeezed lime into the glass/mug. Add ginger beer. Fill to the top with ginger beer. Stir and serve!

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In a saucepan combine ¾ cup ginger juice and ¾ cup sugar and bring to a simmer until sugar is melted. This will make the ginger simple syrup for the recipe. If you don't want to make your own, this one is REALLY good! In a copper mug, muddle sage leaves with ¾ ounces ginger simple syrup. Add in the vodka, lemon juice, a dash limoncello.

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Bring to a rolling simmer over medium-high heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then reduce to medium-low and continue simmering, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes. Remove from heat, add in the sprig of mint and lime juice, and set aside to cool for at least 1 hour.