Get the knife out. Under counter drop down knife storage. Clever

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Wall storage makes each knife easy to find. Sean Malyon/Getty Images. If you have the space, a magnetic knife strip mounted on the wall above your counter is a great way to store your knives.

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Amazon. $ 8.99. Kitchn readers and staffers alike are over-the-moon for this mounted magnetic knife rack that goes far beyond what its name suggests. Because it's designed with slim metal bars instead of one thick band, you can attach S-hooks for hanging utensils and measuring tools.

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Finally, a small number of folks report that an 8-inch chef's knife - even one of Wusthof's own - won't fit into the largest slot, which measures 1 7/8 inches. Summary. The Wusthof Pivoting Under-counter Block is a brilliant idea for space-saving knife storage in a small kitchen.

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Best knife set for small kitchens: HENCKELS Forged Premio 7-Piece Block Knife Set. Amazon. If counter space is at a premium in your kitchen, you'll want to look for a knife set that has a slim.

Get the knife out. Under counter drop down knife storage. Clever

Place a knife block on the counter near utensil holders and appliances—keep all the tools you need in one place. In classic kitchens, look for traditional wood knife blocks made from materials such as bamboo, walnut and cherry. In smaller kitchens, free up counter space with a magnetic wall bar that holds blades in place, or an in-drawer.

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Plastic Edge Guard. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to store your knives in a drawer, plastic knife edge guards are the best option. Messermeister and Williams-Sonoma are our favorite brands for these simple slide-on-and-off guards. They also offer a safe and easy way to transport your knives, as the sharp blade is completely concealed.

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1. Knife block. Knife block on kitchen countertop (Image credit: Shutterstock) This is the more traditional way to store your knives and keep them organized. Not only do they offer individual.

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I've used them for everything from chopping onions and carrots to cutting squash to slicing through ripe tomatoes.". So, if you're looking for a quality set of knives that don't take up a ton of space on the counter — and can convert even the staunchest knife-block-hater — look no further. Buy: The Knife Set, $210. Filed in:

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BEST OVERALL: Kuhn Rikon Vision Transparent Storage Block. RUNNER UP: Shenzhen Knives 20-Slot Universal Knife Block. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: KITCHENDAO Universal Knife Block. UPGRADE PICK: Boker.

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HENCKELS Hardwood Knife Block. This wallet-friendly knife block holds up to 11 knives and scissors. Henckels was founded in 1895, and has built its reputation since then by providing high-quality.

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Pros of in-drawer knife storage: This option is easy to maintain by simply washing the towel and making sure knives are put away dry, but it also keeps knives off the counter and out of reach of children and pets. It is also the best solution for protecting your knives as the blades never come in contact with any hard surfaces like wood or.

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Safe-Keeping on a Magnetic Wall Strip. 1. Store your knives on the wall to save counter space. Wall-mounted magnetic strips are a common method of storing kitchen knives. They generally have a strong magnet running along the width whilst surrounded by two slightly raised metal strips running down the center.

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You should slide your knives in by pressing the duller, back side of the blade against the wood. This will help maintain the sharpness of your knives. A magnetic strip is another efficient and clean way to keep your knives off the counter, as well as out of reach of little ones.

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Wüsthof Designer 13-Slot Knife Block. $250 $150. Williams Sonoma. This Wüsthof knife block is like a sculpture for your kitchen counter, and the crisscross slot configuration allows you to put.

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In-Drawer Organizers. The knife storage solution of choice in Food52's test kitchens, in-drawer blocks keep them off your counter and—perhaps more important for clutterphobes—out of sight.

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Though knife blocks are the most popular storage solution, practicality and personal preference can dictate different choices. After all, not everyone has acres of counter space, or frequently uses their knives. "Every space is different," says Liu. "For compact kitchens, an in-drawer organizer or magnetic knife bar are also great options."