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September 26, 2023. Kissabel, an innovative range of apples with pink to intense red flesh, has arrived in North America. These apples with an amazing appearance and wonderful flavor are grown by Stemilt Growers, the United States partner of the IFORED program for production of the Kissabel range. Harvesting in Washington state began from the.

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Ahern has seen the demand for red-fleshed apples pick up in recent years. Baldor was one of the first distributors of Airlie Red, a parent to Lucy. Ahern says a 10-pound case of that variety sold.

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Key characteristics: firm, mildly sweet, crispy Good for: firm, sweet, snappy Ripens: late August. 5. GOLDEN DELICIOUS. Photo Assianir, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons. Crisp and sweet, the Golden Delicious apples are a good choice for any recipe, whether it's in pies, sauce, baking, or juice.

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The Lucy™ Apple is a beautiful (and delicious!), naturally red-fleshed apple that is a cross between the Honeycrisp apple everyone knows and loves, and the Airlie Red Flesh apple. Grown in the heart of central Washington by 4th and 5th generation growers, It has been a labor of love to cultivate and has quickly grown to be a consumer favorite

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Most apples have white or nearly-white flesh, but a small number of varieties have pink or even deep red flesh. The gene for red-fleshed apples seems to have come from a crab apple, and many of these varieties have crab-apple characteristics, including relatively poor flavour. Almata is an exception, in that the flavour is reasonably good.

Experience with Red Fleshed Apples General Fruit Growing Growing Fruit

By The Packer Staff September 25, 2023. Kissabel, an apple brand that includes varieties bred for a distinctive-colored flesh — ranging from pink to intense red — is kicking off its first.

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There are two variants of Lucy apples—Lucy Rose and Lucy Glo. Of these, the Lucy Rose has red skin and red flesh while Lucy Glo has yellow skin and red flesh. 2. Pink Pearl Apples. Pink Pearl apples are specially-bred apple cultivars with translucent yellow or green skin and bright pink flesh.

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Subsequently, red-fleshed apple cultivars exhibit "very high concentrations of foliar, flower and fruit anthocyanins," according to a 2012 study published in Plant Biotechnology Journal. "In the majority of plant species, pigmentation is controlled by the relative amounts of anthocyanins, chlorophyll and carotenoids," the study further.

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The actual flesh color of these apples ranges from bright pink (Pink Pearl) to brilliant red (Clifford) to pink tinged (Taunton Cross) and even orange (Apricot Apple). These red-fleshed varieties also have different colored blooms rather than the white of other apple trees. Depending upon the cultivar, you may have light pink to crimson pink.

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IFO was created in 2004 when two large French nursery companies combined their assets and began breeding for apples with unique traits, including red flesh, but also emphasizing disease resistance and fruit quality traits. The company has 50 acres devoted to apple breeding. Next Big Thing was formed in 2006 to grow and market a new apple from.

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In apples, the pigments manifest in the fruit's skin — and, sometimes, within their flesh. Subsequently, red-fleshed apple cultivars exhibit "very high concentrations of foliar, flower and fruit.

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Red Flesh Apples. Our apple trees, like many fruit trees, are propagated by grafting. There are 2 parts to an apple tree. A Scion, which is the fruiting part of the tree, gives you the variety of apple, and the Rootstock, which influences the mature size of the tree and hardiness of the tree, determines the time it takes for the tree to fruit.

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The presence of red flesh in apple cultivars is caused by the MYB10 gene, a localized genetic protein and transcription factor for anthocyanin pathways. Anthocyanins — which are a type of water.

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Airlie Red Flesh is one of the best-flavored and latest-ripening red-fleshed apples, now more properly known as Hidden Rose®. The variety was first discovered in the 1960s growing as a seedling tree on land owned by Lucky and Audrey Newell near Airlie in Oregon (between Corvallis and Independence).

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Flesh: firm, fine-grained and very juicy. Taste: one of the sweetest Redlove apples with high sugar content and low acidity. Growth: medium to strong, upright, slender growth with a final height of 3 - 4 m; weak to medium branching. Cultivation: suitable for dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstocks, can be espaliered.

【News】 Fruit tree science institute releases new apple variety with

Malus domestica 'Red King Red Flesh™'. $38.25. Red King Red Flesh™ Apple on Dwarf (Bud 9) root - Extra Large 5/8" up caliper grade. Quantity: Add to cart. Summary. Red King Red Flesh™ is one of the newest and most exciting red-flesh apples Grandpa has seen. The fruit is dark red in color witth matching dark red flesh.