TikTok Mom Shares Her Technique For Making Edible Cheerio "Sand"

Moms Are Putting Cheerios In Blenders To Make Edible Sand For Kids & It

Sensory entertainment is important, especially if you've got toddlers, and edible sand is the safe (and tasty) way to make a mini sandbox. The tutorial doesn't require much—just a blender and a box of Cheerios, and voila! You've got this afternoon's activities in the bag. (Or, well, in the box.) The trend was first posted by mom.

The Real Reason People Are Putting Cheerios In A Blender

01.31.23. via ElleTheVirgo/TikTok. A mom makes sensory sand by putting Cheerios in a blender. A parenting influencer who goes by the name @ellethevirgo on TikTok has shared a brilliant hack that can turn a simple box of Cheerios into a fun sensory sand experience. The great part is that the sand is edible, so you don't have to worry if your.

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Making edible sand from Cheerios (Picture: @Elleannachristine) Kids love playing in sand but inevitably, end up getting it everywhere, including their mouths. So if you're not a fan of shouting.

Making Edible Sand By Grinding Cheerios Is The Newest Trend

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A mom put Cheerios in a blender to create edible sand and parents are

Cloud Bread Is The Newest Food Trend Thanks To TikTok — Yet Again! To make the now-viral edible sand, blend cheerios in a blender until it has a consistency like sand and voila, you have a new activity to keep your children engaged. Now they can play with sand all they want, and you won't have to worry one bit about their health safety.


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@mamabee2012Edible sand! ##fyp ##cheerios ##generalmills ##toddler ##sensoryplay ♬ original sound - mamabee2012 Or @mamaofgingers: @mamaofgingersRan out of time sound like an idiot but stay tuned for pt 2! ##cheerios ##sand ##WorldOceansDay ##fyp ##foryoupage ##babiesoftiktok ♬ original sound - mamaofgingers. Okay, three is a trend.

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"A mom put Cheerios in a blender to create edible sand and parents are loving it." Insider. Eleanor Goldberg. June 17, 2020 "Mom's TikTok On Making 'Edible Sand' Goes Viral And Others Try It Out." Liucija Adomaite and Ilona Baliūnaitė. Bored Panda. 2020 "Why Sensory Play Is Important." Very Well Family. Amanda Morin.

How to Make Edible Sand Out of Cheerios for Kids YouTube

Once the Cheerios were ground up in her NutriBullet, the brilliant mom took a tray and placed the fake sand on it. She then grabbed some sand toys that belonged to her daughter and put those on.

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Edible sand! #fyp #cheerios #generalmills #toddler #sensoryplay ♬ original sound - mamabee2012. Anyways, it's a great sensory play option for kids — and if you didn't know, now you do!

TikTok Mom Shares Her Technique For Making Edible Cheerio "Sand"

All you need to do is grind up the Cheerios into a fine, sand-like consistency using a blender. Then, add the "sand" to a kid-friendly dish and the tykes are ready to go! The video with the hack has been viewed nearly 3 million times already, with good reason. Edible sand is one of the best ideas for those who have small children because of.

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A mom put Cheerios in a blender to create edible sand and parents are loving it. Eleanor Goldberg. 2020-06-17T16:36:00Z An curved arrow pointing right. Share. The letter F. Facebook. An envelope..

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How to Make Edible Cheerios Sand. To make the edible sand, you will need a few things: Box of cereal (we used Cheerios). You could also use crackers. A food processor or a blender. Even a Magic Bullet works! A bin or a tray; Some scoops and containers to play; Step 1 - Grab some cereal! Any cereal can do but keep in mind - the higher the.

TikTok Mom Shares Her Technique For Making Edible Cheerio "Sand"

Make an edible sand pit using blended cheerios. Source: Screenshot TikTok/ElleAnnaChristine. As Elle Anna Christine, a mom in Illinois, shared on TikTok, simply take some plain Cheerios and turn them into a fine consistency using a blender. Since Cheerios are beige colored, the crushed up cheerios even look like sand.

Edible Play Sand for Toddlers with Cheerios Sensory Bin Filler

Watch the simple two step process to make edible sand out of Cheerios cereal. This sand is great for kids who like to put things in their mouth or if you ne.

TikTok Mom Shares Her Technique For Making Edible Cheerio "Sand"

The recipe for Cheerios sensory sand is pretty simple: Grab a box of Cheerios (avoid honey nut flavor unless you want your kid to have a sticky sensory experience). Grind the cereal by dumping it into a blender or food processor. You can also get a rockier texture by putting it in a sealable bag and grinding it with a rolling pin.