Top Selling Brands on Poshmark in 2021 (2023)

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April 06, 2021

Top Selling Brands on Poshmark in 2021 (1)

With over 70 million community members across the United States, Canada, and Australia, featuring over 200 million items for sale, Poshmark is a leading social e-commerce marketplace for new and secondhand style! Poshmark is a favorite among resellers, offering an aesthetic design, user-friendly interface, buyer and seller protection, and simplified selling and shipping process!

Poshmark is among the best places to buy and sell fashion for men, women, children, and pets, as well as home décor.

Fun Fact: According to Poshmark, there is one sale every second in the United States on the platform!

The marketplace’s mission is to put people at the heart of commerce, empowering everyone to thrive. This marketplace promotes sustainability, inclusion, and empowerment- cultivating a progressive and supportive community of seller stylists. Poshmark hosts virtual and real-life events for users to connect, excel, network, and grow lasting friendships with “PFFs”!

Reseller Tip: New to Poshmark? Use the code FOURLIMES when you sign up to get $10 off your first purchase!

Their seller-stylists are provided with sales reports, analytical insights, and vast tools for e-commerce success. Poshmark publishes periodic Trend Reports featuring a fashion overview, highlighting trend spotlights, offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and tricks, and releasing the top-selling brands and categories!

Reseller Tip: Browse recently sold items on the Poshmark App to stay informed as to what is selling and the range of sale prices.

According to the Winter 2021 Trend Report, here are the Top-Selling Women’s Fashion Brands on Poshmark:

Women’s Fashion:

    1. Lululemon Athletica
    2. Nike
    3. Free People
    4. Victoria’s Secret
    5. Coach

Other popular brands include, American Eagle Outfitters, J. Crew, UGG, Michael Kors and current trending brands include Obermeyer, David Yurman, Charlotte Tilbury, Pandora, C.C, Burton, Barefoot Dreams, and Peloton!

Reseller Tip: When sourcing to sell on Poshmark, focus on “Party Brands”; those which are commonly featured in the daily Posh Parties! These are among the best items to sell for profit!

1. Lululemon Athletica

A top-selling brand on Poshmark. Lululemon was founded in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada, and offers technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, training, and most other “sweaty pursuits”. Theirvision is to create a “community hub where people should learn and discuss the physical aspects of healthy living, mindfulness, and living a life of possibility”. The brandis involved in global philanthropic efforts with the United Nations, battered women organizations, and the Center for Peace and Justice, among others. Through an Impact Agenda, the companysponsors sustainability, a responsible supply chain, and ecological well-being. Lululemon’s core values are personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, honesty, courage, connection, fun, and inclusion, and their Global Well-Being Report promotes inclusion, diversity, and pay equity.

(Video) My TOP TEN Best Selling Brands on POSHMARK in 2020! | My Most Frequently Sold Brands on Poshmark

Fun Fact:The brand uploads new items to their website on Tuesday evenings around 6:15 pm EST / 3:15 pm PST.

Their most popular-selling style is the lululemon align™ pant, which is a weightless and buttery-soft yoga pant. Powered by Nulu™ fabric, the leggings are sweat-wicking, stretchy, breathable, and perfect for low-impact workouts! Lululemon aligns™ are high quality, super comfortable, and incredibly flattering on all body types!

Reseller Tip: When listing items from this brand, be sure to find the style name and color name of the item to maximize SEO and make a quick sale! Lululemon buyers search by specific styles and colorways. Here is a resource for helping you find the name of a Lululemon item!

2. Nike, Inc.

A multinational incorporation involved in the design, manufacturing, and sales of athletic apparel, footwear, accessories, equipment, and services. Originally founded in 1964, Nike is recognized as a worldwide leader in athletic apparel and sponsor of many high-profile teams and athletes. Nike’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world- and they promote that everyone is an athlete! Nike “fosters a culture of invention by creating products, services, and experiences for today’s athlete while solving problems for the next generation”. Nike’s innovation team works closely with organizations to improve outcomes for Black Americans in the areas of social justice, education and awareness, and economic justice. Nike’s global social and community impact fosters empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. Nike is a world leader in the acceleration of sustainability and innovation.

Fun Fact: Nike Inc. includes the Nike, Converse, and Jordan brands.

Nike’s best-seller is men’s, women’s, and children’s sneakers- especially the legendary Air Max Collection! Aside from footwear, Nike is known for their Dri-Fit performance wear, featuring an innovative microfiber polyester fabric designed to keep you cool, comfortable, and dry.

Nike Jordan’s Brands, a top-selling women’s collection featuring animal prints and plush fabrics, is a combination of streetwear and luxe loungewear. Nike ESC (Every Stitch Considered) is a luxury collection that bridges the gap between sportswear and luxury everyday clothing with Italian-crafted jackets, shirts and pants. Nike regularly collaborates with other designers such as Disney, Gucci, Dior, and rapper Drake!

Reseller Tip: According to Six Figure Sneaker Head, the sneakers with the highest resale value in 2021 include the Nike SB Dunk Low Street Hawker (Retail: $110 Resale $1,550), the Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1 High OG SP Chicago (Retail: $170 Resale $5,700), and the Sacai x Nike Blazer Low (2021) (Retail: $129, Resale $250).

3. Free People

Free People is known for stunning bohemian fashion incorporating both the latest trends and vintage vibes, inspired by creativity, art, music, and travel. The brand originated in the 1970s as a storefront in Philadelphia, which rapidly grew into Urban Outfitters. The modern Free People is a private label wholesale line under Urban Outfitters. It is a contemporary collection designed to inspire the intelligence, creativity, individuality and self-expression of women while retaining quality and affordability. The line features imaginatively designed colors and patterns on sweaters, knits, skirts, and accessories.

Fun Fact: Free People is sold at Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Nordstrom Rack, Revolve, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Bloomingdales, and Buckle- to name a few!

The brand seeks to provide an enriched lifestyle, hosting community events, wellness classes, workshops, and group travel experiences aimed at inspiring connection among women. In partnership with many non-profit partners including Girls, Inc., Free People promotes female enrichment and empowerment.

Reseller Tip: Free People is loved by everyone! It is always great to pick up secondhand, but when engaging in retail arbitrage, be sure to closely research resale value, as specific items can be quite over-saturated on reselling platforms!

4. Victoria’s Secret

The leading retailer of bras, panties, lingerie, pajamas, and beauty products! Founded in 1977, by the early 1990s, Victoria’s Secret had become the largest lingerie retailer in the United States. Famous for their catalog and lavish fashion show, the brand works with the most notable supermodel “angels” across the world.

Victoria’s Secret has three sub-divisions: Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, Victoria’s Secret Beauty, and Victoria’s Secret PINK. Victoria’s Secret’s Body by Victoria Perfect Shape Collection is among one of the top-selling collections.

(Video) Most Profitable Brands to Sell on Poshmark + eBay + Mercari | My 5 Best-Selling Brands and Styles

Reseller Tip: Vintage Gold Label Victoria’s Secret pieces are stunning and have a very high resale value.

With a newly acquired and diverse board team, the brand has progressed in exemplifying diversity, inclusion, and a positive-body image. The company has recently become much more diverse in featuring Angels of all body types, sizes, races, and ethnicities.

Fun Fact: “Victoria” was inspired by the Victorian era in England, known for refinement, propriety, respectability, and class.

Victoria’s Secret PINK is cute and comfortable loungewear, known for bright colors, florals, sequins and vibrant patterns! With the values of community, philanthropy, sustainability, and mental health, PINK’s purpose is to encourage young adults in everything they do! PINK, in its latest sustainability campaign, partnered with American Forests to plant 100,000 trees. PINK focuses on recycled textiles and materials- the new Ultimate Collection is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Reseller Tip: “PINK Bling”, items with glitter and sequins, hold the highest resale value.

5. Coach

Coach is a global fashion house founded in New York 1941 by a group of artisans with a dream to hand-craft leather into beautiful, clever, practical things. Coach crafts beautiful things with the belief that better-made things create a better-made future for all. Early Coach styles designed by Bonnie Cashin demonstrate colorful, quirky pieces, a perfect reflection of freedom, equality, and the climate of New York in the 1960’s. Coach is known for high-quality genuine leather handbags with a flawless finish.

Trend Alert: Cross-body bags are in and trending on Poshmark!

Coach handbags are everlasting, timeless pieces that are unparalleled in quality and inexpensive in comparison with other luxury manufacturers. Coach is known for the timeless quality of leather and hardware. Among most popular styles include the pebble leather designs in the styles Rogue, Dreamer, and Parker. Many Coach handbags feature the esteemed signature jacquard “C” pattern, featured on accessories including jewelry, luggage, hats, and shoes. The most valued bags, however, have eye-popping designs with vibrant colors and patterns. Coach has many collections and collaborations, with stunning pieces for both men and women.

Fun Fact: Since 2008, Coach has given more than 55 million dollars to nonprofit partners around the world in furtherance of their missions of equality, empowerment, and education.

The mission of the Coach Foundation is to break cycles of inequality and empower the next generation to reach their full potential through higher education. Grounded in the belief that education inspires the breakdown of barriers of inequality, the foundation works with non-profit organizations across the globe to support inclusion and equality. Through the Dream It Real Scholarship program, Coach sponsors students attending historically Black colleges in tuition and career development. Coach works in partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative to promote changing the narrative about race and ending racial and economic injustice. Coach also works closely with the China Youth Development Foundation in their efforts to serve students in scholarship and advocacy.

Reseller Tip: Determine whether a Coach handbag was designed at retail or outlet stores here, as the resale value and quality are slightly different between the two.

What About the Men?

According to the Winter 2021 Trend Report here are the Top-Selling Men’s Fashion Brands on Poshmark:

Men’s Fashion:

    1. Nike
    2. Adidas
    3. Polo by Ralph Lauren
    4. Under Armour
    5. Jordan

Other popular brands include Levi’s, The North Face, lululemon athletica, Patagonia NFL, and current trending brands include Star Wars, Spyder, Majestic, Crocs, Louis Vuitton, FILA, Gucci, Gymshark, Michael Kors, and Versace!

(Video) 50 AMAZINGLY profitable Women's brands to sell on Ebay & Poshmark 2021

Reseller Tip: Men’s items sell very well on Poshmark, as they are purchased both my men and by their respective partners!

Are there any other brands you've found to be successful on Poshmark? Leave your comments below letting us know your thoughts!

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Top Selling Brands on Poshmark in 2021 (2)

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What is the most popular brand to sell on Poshmark? ›

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and GUCCI were all in the top five top-selling brands of 2022. Vintage is also a top-selling brand on Poshmark (and all across reselling marketplaces). Generally, if a vintage item is a popular brand, sellers will use the actual brand.

What brands sell a lot on Poshmark? ›

Patagonia, Anthropologie, Revolve Brands, Nike, Johnny Was, Gucci, Victoria's Secret, American Eagle Outfitters, Eileen Fisher, J. Crew, UGG, Barefoot Dreams, and Dolls Kill. Reseller Tip: When sourcing to sell on Poshmark, focus on “Party Brands”; those which are commonly featured in the daily Posh Parties.

What is the 30 minute rule on Poshmark? ›

Sellers believe that spending just 30 minutes daily accomplishing the task below will significantly boots sales. Share 30 items in your closet. Share 30 items from your feed. List or relist 3 items in your closet.

What is selling fast on Poshmark? ›

The fastest selling category is Jewellery at 1.8 hours to sell an item and the slowest is Skirts at over 70hrs to sell a garment. As for the simple average time it takes to sell an item on Poshmark – it is currently at 18.5 hours.

What brands are considered luxury on Poshmark? ›

Best Luxury Brands to Sell on Poshmark
  • Louis Vuitton.
  • Gucci.
  • Burberry.
  • Christian Louboutin.
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • David Yurman.
  • Prada.
Jun 22, 2021

Who makes the most money on Poshmark? ›

Suzanne Canon is the first seller on Poshmark to pull in $1 million in sales. In May, the company announced that it had paid out $1 billion to its sellers so far.

What actually sells on Poshmark? ›

Such listings clutter the marketplace and make shopping more difficult and less enjoyable for others. Poshmark is a marketplace for women's, kids' and men's fashion and accessories, new personal care products, select home goods, select pet items, and select electronics.

What are the busiest times on Poshmark? ›

Most Poshmark users are active during parties and in the evenings. You've got a better chance of getting someone's attention during those times, so save your thumbs for then! Try to share to at least one party per day.

What famous people sell on Poshmark? ›

Celebrities on Poshmark List
amy_bruniAmy BruniKindred Spirits/Ghost Hunters
aliciadimicheleAlicia DimicheleMob Wives
ashtonkutcherAshton KutcherActor
ariannycelesteArianny CelesteUFC Octagon Girl
mrsamartinArlene martinNascar Drive Mark Martins Wife
84 more rows
Apr 12, 2021

Where are the new Poshers on Poshmark? ›

How to find new poshers. You can find new Poshers in the Poshmark mobile app by going to Your Profile > Find People > New People. This opens to a page with two categories, Fresh Closets and Just Joined. Just Joined closets are Poshers that are brand new to the platform.

What is considered lowballing on Poshmark? ›

What Is Considered a Lowball Offer? Anything that is equal to or less than half of your asking price is considered to be a low ball offer. Poshers are always on the lookout for their favorite brands and styles but they want to purchase it for a great deal.

How do you beat the Poshmark algorithm? ›

How to beat the Poshmark algorithm
  1. Become a Poshmark Ambassador.
  2. Share your items often.
  3. List or relist items daily.
Jan 6, 2023

What is the secret to selling on Poshmark? ›

One of the biggest secrets to selling on Poshmark is to grab your buyer's attention with the product image and persuade them to buy with your description. Your goal with your product descriptions should be to make it as easy as possible for your customer to buy the item.

How do you get big on Poshmark? ›

General tips for selling on Poshmark for faster results
  1. Take risks in pricing. If you receive an offer lower than your quote, always respond with a counteroffer. ...
  2. Sell high-quality and high-value items. ...
  3. Rank high by relisting your stale listings. ...
  4. Start using cross listing software.
Jan 9, 2023

How do you sell faster on Poshmark 2022? ›

Strategically Position Your Items
  1. Designer clothing items.
  2. Popular, well-known, or top-selling brands.
  3. Items with popular brands or tags.
  4. Things that are in pristine condition.
  5. Choices that allow you to ship items quickly Poshmark.
  6. Options that are sure to increase Poshmark sales.

What is the average income on Poshmark? ›

How Much Does Poshmark Pay? Poshmark pays an average salary of $94,093 per year or $45.24 per hour. Poshmark pays workers in the bottom 10th percentile under $49,000 a year, while the highest earners in the top 90th percentile make over $178,000.

What is the most high end brand? ›

The top 15 most popular luxury brands online
4Louis VuittonFashion
11 more rows
Jan 2, 2023

How many followers do you need on Poshmark to make money? ›

Once you are an ambassador you will automatically receive followers. The requirements of which are a 4.5 or better average purchase rating, less than three day shipping time average, 1 love note given, 5,000 community and 5,00 self shares, 50 new poshers shares, 50 available listings, and 15 sales.

What items do well on Poshmark? ›

Clothing and Accessories
  • Nike Shoes. Nike shoes are the best selling item on Poshmark since they are a well-known brand that people trust. ...
  • Lululemon Athletica Clothing. ...
  • Adidas Sneakers. ...
  • Kate Spade Purses. ...
  • Michael Kors Watches. ...
  • Tiffany & Co. ...
  • UGG Boots. ...
  • North Face Jackets.
Jul 4, 2022

How much does the average person make on Poshmark? ›

There are no average earnings reported, but you can make anywhere from $100 a month to $2000 a month based on the number of active listings you have, what kinds of brands and items you are selling, and margins if you are sourcing from thrift stores or wholesalers.

Do people make a living on Poshmark? ›

Some Poshmark resellers have made six figures, and one entrepreneur even brought in a whopping $1 million in sales. If you want to know how to make money, Poshmark is one of the best side hustles out there.

What is the secret to success on Poshmark? ›

Sharing each other's closets will bring more exposure to your closet which can lead to a sale, as well as new followers. In addition to sharing other's closets, share your closet too! The more you do it, the more you will be seen on the Poshmark app. So again, do it 2-3 times daily.

Why isn't my stuff selling on Poshmark? ›

One of the biggest reason for slow sales is that items are priced too high. How do you know if your prices are too high? Check other listings of the same item, particularly sold listings. You'll see that sold listings are often sold for much less than available listings because prices are inflated at the start.

How do you get famous on Poshmark? ›

To qualify, you must meet all of the criteria below:
  1. Community Shares: Share at least 5,000 items from other Poshers' closets.
  2. Self-Shares: Share your own items at least 5,000 times to the community.
  3. Available Listings: Have at least 50 available listings in your closet.
  4. Listings Sold: Make at least 15 sales.

How do you become a top 10 seller on Poshmark? ›

Top 10 Tips for Selling on Poshmark
  1. Use keywords in your titles. You should think of your product titles like how you would search for it in Google. ...
  2. Realistic pricing. ...
  3. Cute mailers. ...
  4. Fast shipping. ...
  5. Clear photos of the item. ...
  6. Show photos of you or a model wearing the item. ...
  7. Utilize Poshmark parties. ...
  8. Offer discounts for bundling.
Jan 18, 2022

Is Mercari or Poshmark better for selling? ›

Mercari once again comes out on top as their commission rates are VERY competitive and favorable for small businesses. However, this doesn't mean that Poshmark is ripping anyone off as they also offer good rates but Mercari edges them out here.

How do I increase sales on Poshmark 2022? ›

Embrace your offers.

67% of all sales on Poshmark happen through offers. Send Offer To Likers to engage shoppers with a can't-miss discount. 50% of daily Poshmark sales are from listings that a shopper sees for the first time that day. Act swiftly and send offers when shoppers are most interested!

What time is best to share on Poshmark? ›

Among the best times to self share is during the evening. By this point in the day people are home, they've eaten and now they are relaxing and taking some time for themselves. Surveys suggest that the optimal evening sharing hours are between 5 and 9 pm.

Is Poshmark worth the trouble? ›

The only instances where I would say Poshmark is not worth the time investment is if your clothes have a lot of major flaws or you're only selling fast-fashion brands like Shein, Forever 21, Boohoo, etc. (because they're cheap and don't retail for very much brand new).

Is it easier to sell on eBay or Poshmark? ›

If you're looking for simplicity and a streamlined selling experience, Poshmark is the way to go. But if you're willing to put in a little extra work for the chance to reach a global audience and scale your reselling business, eBay is the better choice.

What is the downside to Poshmark? ›

High commission.

The biggest downside of selling is Poshmark fees or commission. It's a flat rate of $2.95 for anything under $15. It's 20% for items $15 and above. That really cuts into profits, particularly for lower priced items.


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