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Top 10 Fastest Growing YouTubers [Updated 2022] | Confluencr (1)

“If you can engage with the influencer’s passions, and work with them to craft a compelling logical appeal, then you can leverage the credibility of the influencer to actually sway hearts and minds.”- Tom Webster
(Senior Vice President, Edison Research)

YouTube influencer marketing has enabled brands to leverage their online presence. Influencer marketing has been on the rise due to the emergence of various social media platforms. Video sharing apps have prominently risen to popularity since the audience has grown to love and consume short video content way more than static content. Being the most popular video-sharing site, YouTube has become a household name and a social media leader. YouTube’s success has allowed influencers to attract millions of subscribers to their channels, with over 2 billion monthly active users and 1 billion videos watched per day. YouTube has launched the short video feature YouTube Shorts, which has provided brands and influencers a newer avenue to reach their target audience. Video artists now dominate the internet entertainment market and are expanding their channels in an amazingly short length of time, regardless of their expertise or category. Here’s our take on the top 10 fastest growing Indian YouTube channels that are making their mark in the digital space, one video at a time.

Top 10 Fastest-Growing YouTubers in India 2023:

1. Ranjit Kumar – 38.3K Subscribers
2. Ankita Chaturvedi – 763K Subscribers
3. Larrisa Dsa – 550K Subscribers
4. Ujjwal Chaurasia – 7.6M Subscribers
5. Dilip Kumar – 248K Subscribers
6. Krish Naik – 570K Subscribers
7. Soumali – 600K Subscribers
8. Soumya – 990K Subscribers
9. Mukti Gautam – 988K Subscribers
10. Runti Gosh – 307K Subscribers

Ranjit Kumar is the creative brain behind his YouTube channel named Geekyranjit.

He established his YouTube channel in January 2011 and had a hard time naming it. Sharing the story behind the name of his channel, Rajit said he named it Geekyranjit because his friends dubbed him Geek.

Ranjit began his work, enjoying his first evaluation of an Asus router but receiving no specific response; as a result, he spent the next six months looking for sponsorship support for the company. However, Ranjit made a point to keep creating consistent, quality content and eventually rose to popularity. Today, this channel boasts a whopping 3.3M subscribers and is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in India.

Thi tech YouTuber shares reviews of various gadgets, smartphones, laptops, and computers and makes it a point to keep his audience informed about the recent advancements in the technological field. Ranjit engages with his audience at a 4.46% engagement rate and has gained an average viewership of 74.9k views on all his uploads.

Geekyranjit Ride & Vlogs, his second channel, which has over 38.3 thousand followers, was created in 2018. He uploads daily vlogs on this channel which are loved by his audience.

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Ankita Chaturvedi is a content creator, beauty influencer, and MakeUp Forever Academy-trained makeup artist. She now focuses on making beauty and health videos.

She has more than 763 K subscribers on her YouTube channel Corallista and engages with her audience at a 3.44% engagement rate.

What began as a dorm-room blog more than 11 years ago is now synonymous with Authentic, Relatable, and Well-Rounded Inclusive Content surrounding Makeup, Beauty, and Wellness, with a focus on South Asian girls and women. Her goal for Corallista is to become the go-to venue for women all around the world, with Beauty & Wellness at its core.

This top trending beauty YouTuber’s content ranges from self-care, mental wellness, and body positivity, in addition to make-up and beauty.

Ankita Chaturvedi for Corallista envisions a sanctuary for women all around the world, with beauty and wellbeing at its centre. We see this influencer on the rise with her unique, authentic content!

Larrisa D’sa is an Indian social media influencer and YouTuber renowned for her popular lifestyle, travel, fashion, and beauty videos and blogs. She has 550 K subscribers on YouTube. She’s also a GoPro creator and supporter.

Larrisa is frequently featured in high-profile publications such as Huffington Post, Luxebook, and Vogue. She also gave a TEDx talk about her success.

Larrisa also owns Feliz Land, an online art and stationery store.

This top fastest-growing YouTuber believes that her travel experiences have taught her that, ‘Everything is temporary: your problems, your worries, even your happiness for that matter, and also the people. It sounds wrong, but I perceive it most positively. It’s taught me that travelling can give you the experience nothing else can.’ What an inspiring thought!

Engaging with her audience at a 5.5% engagement rate, Larissa has won hearts with her amazing content and has garnered an average of 53K views on all her uploads.

The mastermind behind the YouTube channel TechnoGamerz, Ujjwal Chaurasia is a gaming influencer in India. Techno Gamerz, home to a whopping 26.1m subscribers, has garnered a cumulative viewership of 6.3m views, standing at an impressive 6.95% engagement rate.

Ujjwal started his own YouTube channel, Techno Gamerz in 2018, and it has seen exponential growth ever since. With content on various android games, Ujjwal has dedicated playlists for different games, how to play them, and their reviews.


Ujjwal also hosts his own YouTube channel Ujjwal Gamer, which has approximately 7.6 million subscribers.

Techno Gamerz is India’s second most popular gaming YouTube channel. He is now a well-known YouTuber, video gamer, and social media influencer.

Dilip Kumar is a Jharkhand-based educational influencer who owns a YouTube channel named SUCCESS DILIP. Home to over 248 K subscribers, Dilip’s channel is all things education. Engaging with his audience at a 5.14% engagement rate, Dilip has garnered a cumulative viewership of 7.6k views on all his uploads.

This educational YouTube channel enlightens the audience regarding competitive and government exams. Dilip’s channel has dedicated playlists for subjects like current affairs, all India examination information, government jobs, railway vacancies, and numerous others. Dilip’s aim behind starting this YouTube channel was to help aspiring students with their exam preparations. This man is indeed doing a noble job, and we see him growing even further!

Krish Naik is a rising star in the field of data science teaching, with significant YouTube subscribers. He is the co-founder of, where he dons both CIO and CMO hats.

He is the co-founder of iNeuron and has over 10 years of industry experience as a pioneer in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision, as well as an instructor and mentor.

He explains numerous subjects on machine learning, deep learning, and AI with many real-world problem scenarios on his YouTube channel which has over 570 K subscribers.

He’s given over 30 tech talks on data science, machine learning, and AI at meet-ups, technical institutes, and community-organised events.

His main goal is to familiarise everyone with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Analytics India Magazine reached out to this fastest-growing YouTuber to learn more about his machine learning journey and his thoughts on India’s data science ecosystem.

Soumali Adhikary is an Indian vlogger and digital creator in the fashion and lifestyle niche.

Her Indian Vlogger Somali YouTube channel with 600 K + subscribers is all about beauty, cosmetics, fashion, and fitness.

She is a makeup enthusiast who enjoys learning new things daily. She intends to offer all of the knowledge and wisdom she has gathered from her past experiences through my social media platforms.

You’ll discover everything you need in one spot, from the latest beauty secrets to homemade treatments, exercise tips, and everyday life hacks on this YouTuber’s channel.

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The Glow Girl Tales is an Indian fitness motivator, Zumba instructor, and cuisine designer best known for her YouTube program. With 990 K subscribers, Soumya posts a combination of dance clips, exercises, vlogs, and cooking instructions.

With the video HOW TO REDUCE ARM FAT IN JUST 3 MINS|EASY HOME WORKOUT |BEST EXERCISES, she made her YouTube debut in March 2018.

Engaging with her audience at a 3.31% engagement rate this Indian fitness influencer on YouTube has garnered an average of 27.5K views on her uploads. We see this channel growing at a faster rate with Soumya’s dedication and passion for fitness content creation.

Mukti Gautam is a YouTube sensation and an Indian health coach. She’s also a culinary vlogger from Chandigarh.

Mukti is a national-level taekwondo competitor as well as a state-level Kho-Kho competitor. She also used to play badminton in high school and college. Fitness comes easily to her as a sports fanatic.

She began producing videos of exercises that do not require gym equipment and homemade diet food recipes on her self-titled YouTube channel in 2017 which now has more than 988 K subscribers.

Mukti was awarded “Best Fitness Blogger of 2019.” In addition, she was featured in the TLJ fitness magazine.

Mukti has launched an ayurvedic brand called ‘Om Dhatu’ as part of her Healthy India initiative.

Mukti aims to fight for environmental problems in the future as a result of her studies in environmental sciences.

Mukti is one of India’s most well-known female fitness influencers and a rising fitness star.

When asked what inspired her to pursue this career, she stated,’ My goal is to reach as many women as possible to help and inspire them to live life on their own terms! I believe a workout can turn around a day and that food is healing.’

Runti Gosh, a beauty influencer, prides herself on her 120 cm long hair and her knowledge of natural hair care & beauty tips.

(Video) Top 10 Fastest Growing Youtube Channels (November 2022)

Runti is a versatile YouTuber as she also creates content in the realm of fashion, lifestyle, comedy & travel.

If you want tips on how to maintain healthy hair & skin, RuntiMe is your go-to YouTube channel. Boasting a subscriber base of 307k subscribers on her YouTube channel, Runti engages with her audience at almost a 4% engagement rate and has received around 5K cumulative views on her uploads.

YouTube's Fastest Growing Demographics


Use YouTube to embrace nostalgia


Use it to access how-to content


Use it to stay in the know


YouTube has become a trending platform for brands to showcase themselves in front of their potential audience. With the help of fastest-growing YouTube influencers, brands can easily reach out to their target audience. By collaborating with niche-specific influencers who have a broad fan-following, brands can place their products and services in front of the right audience, at the right time, and through the right channels. Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr understand the gravity of the impact these growing YouTubers have on their audience and wish to help our clients gain collaborations with these growing influencers. We’ve just highlighted some of the YouTubers in India that have experienced exponential growth recently, and rightfully so. They continue to provide value while entertaining people in their respectful niche. Looking for influencers to collaborate with for your next influencer marketing campaign? Write to us at [emailprotected] and we shall get right back to you!

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