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Anyone who has been in a position where he or she has felt threatened and unsafe will understand the importance of investing in security. This is where the security screen door installation cost comparison comes into play.

Security screen doors are heavy enough to stop forced entry. It is also designed to protect your home or office from harsh weather.

Steel is the most commonly used security door frame material, while another frame material comes from fiberglass and solid hardwoods. These materials are selected based on durability and strength.

Security screen doors are specially designed doors that are installed mostly as front doors. So let’s discuss how to determine costs and other important considerations.

Factors That Influence Security Screen Door Installation Cost

The installation of the security screen doors can save you much more in the long run.

When it comes to investing in one’s security, it is worth it but some defined factors influence screen door installation cost.

These factors are the cause of price fluctuations, especially across locations. They include;

The Type of Material You Choose

The quality of the material you choose to use in making the security screen door frame can substantially affect the cost. The materials that can be used are steel, fiberglass, wrought iron, solid hardwood.

  • Steel: This is the most commonly used because it is heavier and can prevent forced entry. They are resistant to warping and swelling. This can cost around $500.
  • Fiberglass: This material is typically more durable than wood but less strong than steel. This can cost about $400 on average.
  • Solid hardwood: This type is usually from mahogany due to its strength, beauty, and durability. It comes at least as thick as two inches. This can cost you up to $900.
  • Wrought iron: This comes at least as thick as 2 inches. It is remarkable for its strength, and because it is very heavy, it helps prevent forced entry. This can cost about $200 on average.
  • Hardwood with steel core: This is more like steel enclosed in hardwood. It is strong and heavy and helps prevent forced entry. It is relatively more durable than wooden doors. This can cost up to $300 on average.

Whether you have a pre-hung door or not

Working on pre-hung exterior doors are more costly than non-pre-hung doors. This is because pre-hung doors have more components and hardware that are already attached. This makes the project more demanding to work on and, thus, more expensive.

However, non-pre-hung slabs are relatively more comfortable to work on but the installation can be costly.

Therefore, it is relatively affordable to work on pre-hung doors. The cost to install the pre-hung exterior door fluctuates according to location and company handling the project.

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Whether Glass Panels or Windows Are Implemented

You may desire to have more natural light seeping into your home through your door, and then you need a section of glass added to your exterior door. This is expensive and can cost from $300 to $1200.

The Door Frame Size

Typically, size always matters in pricing. Therefore, the size of the door you want to install will determine the cost of installing it.

The size of door frames that are bigger or smaller than the standard-sized door will cost more than the standard-sized door. Also, doors that are specially made to fit into a specific size description are expensive as well.


The location of your project determines the security screen door installation cost. The cost of materials in California will not be the same in Detroit. This is a factor that affects every other factor as well.

What Is Involved In the Cost of A New Exterior Door Installation?

You will be given a cost estimation for your exterior door installation. The cost estimation will include hardware price, removal of old doors, and the installation of new doors, knobs, and locks.

That is if there is any need to remove unwanted constructions. Also, when there is a need to install an exterior door in a wall that has never had a door before, it will be challenging and costly.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Security Screen Door Installation

Security screen doors are much more costly than the standard exterior door. According to most people, the cost is worth it. However, having a security screen door comes with particular merits and demerits.

Advantages of Security Screen Doors

These are the benefits of having security screen doors

  • They are neatly elegant, and it adds beauty to your office and home
  • They help prevent intrusion
  • They help stop forced entry
  • They provide much better protection than the average door
  • They help in protecting your house from harsh weather and specified other natural disasters
  • Knowing that you have a security screen door gives you the feeling that you are safe.

Disadvantages of Security Screen Doors

These are the demerits that come with having security screen doors.

  • They are relatively expensive to buy and install
  • The doors require professional installation or else your warranty may be nullified
  • They heavier than the average doors
  • Steel security door are likely to rust
  • These doors are expected to develop unappealing spots overtime
  • Steel security doors may not have insulation and this can be dangerous

What Is the Labor Cost to Install Exterior Door?

Getting the materials every other thing needed to have your security screen door is one thing, and hiring a professional to have it installed is another.

After purchasing the materials, a lot must have gone out of your pocket, but you are only halfway through. You will need to hire labor for that.

The question on your mind would be, “what is the labor cost to install an exterior door?” This question’s answer depends majorly on what you want to do. That is, do you want to replace or install a new exterior door?

This project involves many processes, and it should be done adequately. The average labor cost to install a new exterior door is between $500 to $700.

The national average price is about $600. The minimum value you could spend is about $350 while the maximum is about $1000.

The Average Security Screen Door Installation Costs

The national average cost of a security screen door installation is $1,700. The average cost that you can get it runs from $1,500 to $2,000. The minimum price is about $900 while the maximum price is around $4700.

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Security Screen Door Installation FAQs

Q1: How much does Home Depot charge for door installation?

Although there are factors that can fluctuate the price of door installation, the average cost of a single door installation is between $220 and $602.

You can save costs by installing more than one door in a particular renovation project. This is because you get a discount cost for each additional door. Therefore, the cost of installation varies by market.

Q2: How much should I charge to install a door?

The average cost of door installation is around $973, but many homeowners spend from $473 to $1,479. Simultaneously, the replacement of interior doors already in an existing frame can cost somewhere between $100 to $1,000.

The cost of entryways runs from $5,000 and above, but this depends heavily on the quality of the material.

Q3: How much does it cost to put a door in an exterior wall?

Installing a new exterior door into a wall that has never had an entry before or converting windows into exterior doors adds cost between $1,000 to $2,500. This cost can be more but it depends on the size.

Q4: How much does it cost to replace an exterior door and frame?

The average price of installing a new door frame is about $170 for interior doors, while that of the exterior door is around $255. The cost of a standard door frame is between $50 and $70.

At the same time, that of a steel frame is approximately $99, $128, and above. Replacing them can take up to one to three hours. The handyman is likely to charge between $30 and $150 for labor and parts.

Q5: How much does Lowes charge to install a prehung exterior door?

Lowe’s door installation cost is roughly $70-180 for labor costs to install a prehung exterior door.

Q6: How much do security screen masters cost?

Security screen masters are designed to keep intruders away, and they are not expensive. The cost is around $300 and above. However, the prices vary according to the type of security door.

The security screen master’s value for the barrier door is around $445. security screen masters cost $495. security screen masters cost for a stainless steel security door, and the cast panel security door is $795 and $1095, respectively. These prices include the cost of installation.

Q7: How much do security screen doors cost?

The cost of security screens depends on factors such as; size, materials, lock type, etc. The standard cost of security screens runs from $700 and above.


Your exterior door can be upgraded for security reasons. But you have your budget at hand and you want it to fit in your budget so you do not get to overspend. Knowing the security screen door installation cost gives you an idea of the cost involved so that you can make budget-friendly decisions.

From here, you can then be able to compare the cost of security screen door installation services from different companies. While at it, try to look into the licenses and experiences of installation companies you are interacting with.


What is the labor cost to install a screen door? ›

Labor. The labor to install a screen door will be anywhere from $50 to $75 per hour.

How much should I charge to install a security door? ›

Average Security Door Costs

Security door pricing is largely based on models. For instance, a steel model can cost anywhere from $300-$700, while a security screen door costs $50-$600, on average. Labor costs for professional installation services will cost between $275-$425.

How much is it to charge a security door? ›

Homeowners pay $600 on the low end, $1,400 on average, and $4,600 at the highest. A steel model could cost $300 to $700 for the cost of security doors, locks, and installation. Security screen doors usually cost less, around $50 to $600. Professional installation averages $275 to $425.

What is the difference between screen door and security door? ›

Typical screen doors are the more flimsy type that offer little to no protection and mainly exist for air flow. Security screen doors, on the other hand, are built to withstand brute force and come with locking systems which make it difficult for burglars to make their way into your house.

How long does it take to install a screen door? ›

A handy homeowner can install a prehung storm door in about 4 hours or less. If your door opening requires using an extender kit, you might want to plan on an additional 30 minutes to an hour. Many home centers also offer professional storm door installation for an additional fee.

How much should it cost to install a door? ›

Normal range: $474 - $1,648

Door installation costs $1,053 on average, but can range between $474 and $1,648 depending on the type of door you choose, its material, its framing, and more.

How much does a professionally installed home security system cost? ›

Feeling safe at home should always be a priority, and installing a new security system can help you do just that—no matter where you live. A home security system costs $280 to $1,150, with most homeowners paying $700 on average.

How much does Lowes charge to install a sliding door? ›

If you are planning to purchase your doors from Lowe's, you can request an estimate using the tool on the company's website, or you can visit one of the stores to discuss the job in person. WCMA Net says you can expect to pay between $200 and $500 in labor costs for patio doors.

What kind of door is best for security? ›

Steel doors are among the best front doors for security. It's nearly impossible to break through; even if beaten or abused, these doors are more likely to dent than come down. Having covered the advantages of steel doors, the best steel door is the Jeld-Wen's Camber Top Mission Primed Steel Door.

How much should I charge to install an exterior door? ›

The average cost to install an exterior door is $1,162 , but it can range between $515 and $1,808 , depending on the door's size and material.

Is a security door better than a storm door? ›

The main difference between a storm door and a security door is the level of protection they provide. Storm doors are designed to protect your home from the elements, while security doors are designed to protect your home from burglars.

What should I look for when buying a security screen door? ›

Your Guide to Purchasing a Quality Security Screen Door
  • Be sure of your manufacturer/distributor. ...
  • Check out the local showrooms. ...
  • Talk to your dealer about the installation process. ...
  • Find out about service and warranties. ...
  • Find out the specifications of your security door. ...
  • Find out about the coating.
Oct 20, 2022

Are security screen doors worth it? ›

Not only do security doors create added protection from intruders, but they also help minimize risk and damage during storms. For example, high winds may be able to break an ordinary door with debris, but a security door will hold up much better in those situations.

Which is better steel or aluminum security doors? ›

A stainless steel security door is quite strong and durable. It is one of the most effective options to increase the security of your home and securing the points of entry around your property. On the other hand, aluminium security doors are relatively less durable and are not as strong.

How long does it take a professional to install a door? ›

The length of a door installation project varies, but typically our professional installers can complete the work within a day. If you're having multiple doors replaced, the installation process could take longer.

How long does it take a professional to install an exterior door? ›

A typical door installation will take about four hours, but depending on the size and complexity of the door, it could be longer.

Is it difficult to install a screen door? ›

Since screen doors are lightweight and are not used for security, many DIYers find it easy to install a screen door on their own.

What is the cheapest door to install? ›

Solid core doors tend to be the most economical, with a single door being around somewhat cheaper than the equivalent door in solid timber.

How much does it cost to install a new door and frame? ›

The average cost of replacing a door frame in your home is approximately $400, including two hours of labor at $70 per hour. The frame itself can cost anywhere from $80 to $500, depending on the type, material, and style.
Minimum CostAverage National CostMaximum Cost
Sep 30, 2022

When you buy a storm door does it come with a frame? ›

Most storm doors include all the hardware needed for DIY installation, including the door, frame components, hinges and one or two pneumatic closers.

Are storm doors worth it? ›

A storm door can help protect your primary door from rain, ice and snow, reducing the costs of maintenance and helping it last longer. All Pella® storm doors also come with a built-in keyed lock that is separate from a home's primary door adding an additional barrier against intruders.

What is the monthly cost of ADT security? ›

The total cost for the ADT Secure Home Package starts at:

$599 to $899 upfront + $45.99/month; or. $55.97 to $60.97/month.

How much does it cost to install an ADT alarm system? ›

ADT Monitoring Costs and Features

Your ADT monitoring package cost includes all equipment costs and fees. The monthly fees for the monitoring packages range from $49.99/month to $64.99/month. Aside from that, all you need to pay for is professional installation ($99 – $199 depending on your package).

How much should I spend on a security system? ›

Having a home security system is integral in protecting your family and belongings, but they're not cheap. Costs generally range from $300 to $4000 depending on the size of your home, and the complexity of the system.

How much does labor cost to install a sliding door? ›

On average, professionals charge between $300 and $800 for the labor involved in installing a sliding glass door. You don't need to worry about labor costs if you're doing this project yourself, but you will need to either rent or buy all the necessary tools for the job outright.

How much should I expect to pay for a sliding door? ›

"A rough estimate for a sliding glass patio door can range from $300 to $2,000. These costs are based on the design and installation. In comparison, hinged doors have prices ranging from $400 to $6,000 based on various factors." French, sliding, swinging, and multi-slide doors are all popular choices.

How much does it cost to install a storm door? ›

According to Fixr, hiring a professional to install your storm door costs about $450 (CAD 580), with a typical range between $300 and $750 (CAD 380 and CAD 960).

What is the hardest front door to break into? ›

Iron front doors are. They are injected with polyurethane foam insulation to create a solid and sturdy one-piece threshold with the door jamb. They also feature solid bars welded to the door when there is glass on the door. The glass itself is thick tempered glass, which means it is harder to break.

What type of door lasts the longest? ›

Steel Entry Doors

You really can't beat steel when it comes choosing a long-lasting door. Not only do they resist fire damage, they're extremely secure and they can last for 100 years or more. Look for doors with an insulated core to keep your energy costs low. You can also choose an affordable door.

What type of exterior door is most durable? ›

A steel door is your best bet if security and durability are top priorities. Steel units are stronger than wood or fiberglass doors, and they won't crack or warp. Any dents or dings on these doors can be pulled and puttied with an auto-body repair kit.

Can I replace just the exterior door and not frame? ›

As long as the door frame is in good condition, and the new door panel is the same size as the old one, replacing a door without replacing the frame is certainly a possibility.

Do security doors decrease home value? ›

Security doors and windows will make you and your home safe from intruders, but they will also look great and add to your home's value. Any home improvement can add value to your property. Just like adding a deck or redoing your kitchen, security doors and windows can add value too.

What type of front door is most energy efficient? ›

Fiberglass exterior doors are among the strongest on the market. They're also some of the most energy-efficient. Fiberglass is a poor conductor of heat, making it energy-efficient on its own, but when insulation is added, it's hard to beat.

What is the strongest material for a front door? ›

Steel. Steel is the best material for a front door if security is your top priority. This tough metal is stronger than all other door products. It provides excellent protection against forced entries and is less likely to crack or warp.

What is the strongest screen door material? ›

Pet Screen: Engineered to be Tough

Pet screen is one of the best screening materials on the market when you need the toughest screen door possible. Here are some things you need to know about pet screen: Is seven times stronger than traditional screen. Made from vinyl-coated polyester.

Which is better aluminum or vinyl screen doors? ›

aluminum patio doors, aluminum durability is ranked closely to vinyl. However, aluminum frames are lighter, support larger glass panels, and can withstand severe weather in different climates. Because of its durability and ability to support heavier weight, aluminum is commonly used in sliding door construction.

What is the best material for a screen door? ›

Choose the best fabric

Metal screens are typically more durable than all other materials. Although they're more expensive, metal screens are most recommended. Plastic and fiberglass screens are also extremely durable and highly recommended; however, they may have a slightly shorter lifespan than metal.

How long do security doors last? ›

They are one of the most durable and long-lasting door options available. As a result they have a life expectancy of 30+ years. This number can vary depending on the type of door you choose, the usage required, as well as external factors like weather or accidental damage.

How long do security screens last? ›

Security screens are manufactured using high-quality materials and components, such as the stainless-steel mesh, the lock, and the robust door frame. Security screens are much more hard-wearing and last a lot longer. Quality security screens tend to come with a warranty of 8 years and up.

What is the best type of screen for a screen door? ›

Vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh is the preferred industry standard for screen doors (and windows). It's easy to install, durable and affordable. Your color options are charcoal and gray. Another material option is aluminum wire.

What are the disadvantages of a steel door? ›

Cons – The downsides of a steel door include that they can be easily scratched or dented, which can lead to rust. They are also difficult to stain – unlike other material doors – meaning that they have to be painted, and are also prone to chipping. They are good conductors of either heat or cold.

How much does a steel security door cost? ›

Average Security Door Costs

For instance, a steel model can cost anywhere from $300-$700, while a security screen door costs $50-$600, on average. Labor costs for professional installation services will cost between $275-$425.

How much does it cost to install a storm screen door? ›

According to Fixr, hiring a professional to install your storm door costs about $450 (CAD 580), with a typical range between $300 and $750 (CAD 380 and CAD 960).

How much does it cost to get a new screen door? ›

A new screen door can run anywhere from $100 to $250 or more, says Family Handyman. Of course, these varying prices imply a variation in quality as well. You'll want to consider the door's purpose when looking at replacement door prices.

How much do I charge to install window screens? ›

The cost to replace a movable window screen is $20 to $150 per screen. However, depending on the size and operation of your window screen, replacing a window screen that slides along a track typically costs $20 to $80 per screen for average sizes.

How much should I charge to screen in a porch? ›

The average cost to add a screened-in porch in the United States is $2,400, or around $3 to $5 per square foot for materials and $2 per square foot for labor if you're screening an existing porch.

Are security storm doors worth it? ›

Pro: Protection Against Bad Weather

Security doors don't just provide security against other people. They can also keep you safer in a storm. A security door can withstand strong winds and flying debris better than a standard door.

Are screen doors worth it? ›

Even though good quality security screen door prices range from $999 upwards, all its benefits definitely make the investment worth it because there is no price for the number one priority which is you and your family's protection.

What are common screen door sizes? ›

A standard screen door measures about 32 to 38 inches in width and 72 to 80 inches in height, though you can also install a sliding glass door with a screen. Sliding glass doors typically consist of a fixed glass panel, a sliding screen door, and one or two sliding glass doors, depending on the product.

How do you measure for a new screen door? ›

The width will be measured in three places - middle, top, and bottom of your door. The height will be measured in two places - the right and left side of your door. Please reference this photo as you take measurements to insure they're being taken from the correct location.

Is replacing a screen door easy? ›

Replacing your screen on your door is a simple process that can be knocked out in an hours time depending on how handy of a person you are.

How much does it cost to remove and install a window? ›

The average cost for window replacement is around $700 but can range from $300 to $1,200. Additional factors such as window type, material, and installation complexity can influence the total price of your replacement project.

Does Ace Hardware make screens? ›

Measure your broken window, or bring it into one of our shops and we can fix the window by installing a new mesh screen. If the frame has also been damaged we can make a new screen that fits in the existing window. We can repair or make replacement mesh screens for all window and door sizes.

How much does it cost to replace a sliding screen door? ›

If your screen has holes or is full of patches, it might be time for some repair work. Repairing your screen door costs on average $7 to $150, depending on what needs fixing. Replacing your screen door costs $300 on average, based on the style and size of your door.


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